PowerShow UX Framework makes it easy for you to customize user experience and integrate advanced features into your streaming program. Better still, it makes it easy for your audience to access your content with automatic player-device detection.

The user experience is an extremely important consideration in delivering your content. How users access the content, desired security, collecting of user information and other elements to support your video are all pieces of the complete end user experience – right down to the look and style of graphics that reinforce your brand.

PowerShow is a collection of prebuilt modules that can be assembled to quickly allow for a customized user experience that fulfills your project’s desires.

The PowerShow framework is the ultimate in flexibility.

Any look – Any format – Any browser/device – Any new technology.

Our framework supports major streaming technologies, operating systems and browsers. In addition, PowerShow future proofs your solution with an open ended architecture that allows rapid integration of next generation technology. Since the framework utilizes a unified user experience upgrading to new delivery technology is as simple as a configuration change. Quite simply, you outline the desires of your project and our experts can quickly deploy a solution.

Do you have desires outside of our existing framework support? No problem. We are client driven and can work with you to create new and exciting user experiences.

The key takeaway is that PowerShow enables lightning quick, cost effective, custom solutions that crush traditional video platform offerings.