The content delivery network (CDN) is the lifeblood of your content. If it does not get to your audience then it is dead. When it comes to your content, we are control freaks and do not trust 3rd parties to handle this vital piece of the solution. We have crafted our network for elastic global delivery with a large North American presence and premium Global regional delivery centers.
Failure is not an option for a CDN especially when it comes to live event streaming. We have built redundancy at the core of the CDN with replicated systems at every level, as well as dynamically scaling resources.

Performance of each user connection is also paramount. Our network delivers via the node with the best performance based on many factors: including routing and peering, Internet “weather”, and node capacity and availability.

The Internet is in constant change. We are continually grooming our network to meet adapt to these changes as well as for our customers’ requirements.